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The Fellows In-Service Assessment (FISA) was designed to measure and compare your knowledge and performance at the beginning of the fellowship and at the end of the fellowship. This is not a pass or fail test and is meant to only provide objective feedback after both parts have been completed. You may complete this assessment in multiple sessions within the allotted timeframe. This is a closed book examination.

The assessment will be open online from April 5 through April 26. You must complete the assessment within that timeframe. No exceptions will be made to open the exam site once it has closed.

To access the 2017-2018 FISA Exam Part 2:

  1. Click on the ‘Log In’ screen in the navigation bar and enter in your login credentials.
  2. Under ‘Exams’, click on ‘Available Exams.’
  3. In your exam queue you should see the following exam listed: 2017-2018 Fellows In-Service Assessment - Part 2.

Questions? Contact Karen Zader at